Making Texas a Leader in Blockchain Innovation

“Texas has a long history of technological innovation and free thinking entrepreneurs. From the invention of handheld calculators by engineers at Texas Instruments to the development of 3-D printing at UT, Texas has always been on the forefront of technological change. We’ve now set our sights on becoming the jurisdiction of choice for investors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to build and deploy blockchain technology applications and other emerging tech innovations.”

– Texas State Representative Tan Parker


"If Wyoming can do it, why can't Texas?" – Lee Bratcher, TBC President

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Business Development: Our co-branding opportunities will spotlight your company and provide access to a unique group of stakeholders that includes attorneys, private equity investors, entrepreneurs, elected officials, and public policy experts. We will actively work to match you with potential clients or help you find the talent for your next project.

Government Affairs: Access to lobbyists employed by the Council and private TBC calls

Industry Working Groups: Blockchain policy working groups for various industry verticals

Public Relations and Education: Access to public relations experts and quality educational material that will spur the growth of the blockchain industry in Texas.

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Member benefits plus chairing policy development committees, and executive committee membership.

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Event Date Location and Link
TBC Monthly Call 3/27/2020 Click here
TBC Monthly Call 4/29/2020 Click here
TBC Monthly Call 5/26/2020 Click here
TBC Monthly Call 6/30/2020 Click here
TBC Monthly Call 7/28/2020 Click here
Fundraising Event with Legislators 10/1/2020 Location TBA

About Us

Vision: To Make Texas A Leader In Blockchain Innovation

Mission: Our mission is to promote blockchain technology initiatives that drive growth and benefit the citizens of Texas. We exist to amalgamate the influence of our members to advocate for blockchain-centric public policy initiatives, to educate members of government about the benefits of blockchain technology, and to provide subject matter expertise on topics related to blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

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